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        Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Archibald 2009                                              Brian Dawe  Archibald Portrait Prize 2008

  Paul Cox  Portrait
  Paul, we all will miss you. I have been honoured to know you, and honoured that I could paint your portrait in 2011

                                                         Peter McIntyre Architect 2010

            Steven Riddings                                                                           Stella Axarlis

The Hon. Justice Tony Pagone                                                                                                             Oil on Linen  cm120x120
Federal Court of Australia


Dr. Terry Dwyer                                                                                     Annabella Mc Kency
Murdoch Children Hospital
Sir Zelman Cowen 1998
Donated by John and Pauline Gandel to the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre
in March 2015


Portrait of Emma Matthews, Opera signer
Oil on linen 170cm x 120cm


Portrait of Steven Cook 
oil on canvas  cm60 x cm50

Dr. Kesh

Oil on linen cm85 x cm140

Cr. John Chandler City of Stonnington
oil on linen cm 120 x cm178
Proudly donated to the City of Sonnington by Bill McNee 2018

Portrait of Karl Fender
FINALIST in the Darling Portrait Prize 2020 - National Portrait Gallery



Visible light is only a small fraction of the radiant energy of the universe.
There is light from the Sun, or any artificial source, to give powers to shapes and colours.
There is light in the imagination, that illuminates suddenly any possible combination of concepts into a new visualized reality.
There is light from the painting itself, that captures any hidden emotion.
And there is light from within myself, that breaks through and emanates outwards, the irresistible light of universal love.