"ABBANDONO" Is a mosaic created with  South Africa marbles and Italian Venetian Smalti.
cm.60 x cm.60 x cm.3, this mosaic is mounted on a  Honeycomb  Composit panel and can be used as a table top as shown in the photo,
 or as a hanging panel on the wall.
The base can be custom designed.
If you are interested in having a similar work please contact Anna.


"Knowledge" represents a solid base from which to criticize, analyse, verify, create, communicate and to build a new one.
There is no need to destroy the good that has been done, we only have to evaluate new desires which, by themselves, will be enough to express fresh aesthetic values and shapes by talented and capable creators.
Marble and stone commonly used in traditional mosaic (tesselatum), are not the only mediums, though they represent some kind of a common place associated to the word "Mosaic" when it comes to our
contemporary architecture.