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to realize an installation by recreating LIFELINE, Mezzoterra/Mezzomare for the Arts Learning Festival from the original concept created by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Juan Sandoval. The installation consists of 57 chairs, each designed with the Australian coastline, a portion of the sea and a portion of land that extend to its two sides. The installation is set up in the shape of the continent as a work of Art

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Piece negotiations

Roslyn Grundy reports
THE AGE, Saturday 25, 1993

Everything old is new again - just ask Minardo. The Italian mosaicist is visiting Melbourne to teach skills that are thousands of years old, barely known in this country...
...Even as a child, Minardo had an artistic desire to express herself." I grew up in an artistic family and I guess I inherited something," she says. "I started painting and I liked architecture, so I studied architecture, and I liked sculpture, so I studied sculpture, and then I worked as an architect for 10 years, and I worked in graphics more and more, and I went into graphic design." Gradually, she moved into mosaic...
...Most of Minardo's mosaic work is large in scale, and adorns buildings in Canada, USA, Germany, Italy and Australia...

Hanging about

by Peter Weawing
THE MELBOURNE TIME, Wednesday May 7, 1997

Italian artist, Anna Minardo, took a brief break from her starling work, a mural made from glass, marble and ceramic tiles last week to ponder her next move. Ms. Minardo is an experienced mosaic creator, painter, sculpture and architect, and her latest work, described as a fusion of Italian and Australian cultures, can be viewed at the building COASIT (opposite Brunetti's) in Faraday Street Carlton.

Easelly the best

by Bob Hart
HERALD SUN, Tuesday February 17, 1998

Painting by a Melbourne based artist is one of only two portraits of the Pope to be hung on the walls of the pontiff's private apartment. The striking work is by Italian-born Anna Minardo whose paintings and mosaics are well known here, and who works from a studio in Chapel St. Windsor. Ms Minardo has just returned from Rome where she completed the painting, which had been commissioned by the Vatican.
She presented it to the Pope during a five minute audience.
"It was a wonderful experience," she told me yesterday. "He congratulated me, and said how much he liked the painting. "And then he stroked my face very gently. It was wonderful - he is a special man."

Inno al Giubileo

by Germano Spagnolo
IL GLOBO, lunedi 22 febbraio 1999

A Roma già si vive l'atmosfera trepidante del Giubileo 2000. La città è tutta un cantiere, le strutture di accoglienza sono messe alla prova per vedere se resisteranno all'impatto di ricevere decine di milioni di turisti-pellegrini.
Il Papa Giovanni Paolo II ha voluto con molta insistenza questo Giubileo quale dimostrazione di fede e di perdono e la Chiesa di Roma gli fa eco organizzando grandi incontri per cristiani che giungeranno da tutto il mondo.
Tra i segni di gratitudine della città di Roma per il Papa e per evidenziare il fatto che il Giubileo costituisce un evento di portata storica, è stato donato a Sua Santità un dipinto dal titolo "Inno al Giubileo", opera dell'artista Anna Minardo che attualmente vive e lavora a Melbourne, ma gestisce anche uno studio a Roma...
...Il Papa viene raffigurato nella sua splendida veste bianca con le braccia aperte in un segno di amore e riconciliazione, al centro di un sentiero di luce affiancato da una immensa folla...

Artist's brush with modelling

by Bob Hart
HERALD SUN, March 9, 1999

Flashy Melbourne dauber Charles Billich has found himself on the wrong end of a paintbrush for this year's Archibald Prize.
Billich, for once is the subject of an eye-catching painting rather than its creator.
Globetrotting artist Anna Minardo, who devides her time between studios in Melbourne and Rome, and has twice painted the Pope for his private collection, persuated the hyperactive Billich to sit long enough for his portrait to be painted...
...Billich said: "We've been threatening to do this to one another for years. But she's done it first. I like it, especially her use of color. It looks like a winner to me."...

Italiafest: un posto per l'arte

by Germano Spagnolo
IL GLOBO, venerdi 14 gennaio, 2000

...Degna di rilievo è la scultura in bronzo di Anna Minardo dal titolo "Tribute to Melbourne 2000"
È una figura femminile con le braccia aperte, i capelli al vento, gli abiti aderenti al corpo sottile e in un atteggiamento di percezione di tutte le energie positive del mondo. Potrebbe benissimo essere il nuovo simbolo di Melbourne, la statua che rappresenta la vitalità e le aspirazioni del nuovo Millennio. Collocata, a grandezza naturale o anche due o tre volte più grande, in una posizione eminente come la futura Federation Square, sarebbe un richiamo meraviglioso per gli abitanti di Melbourne e I turisti.

City symbol shapes up as wind-blown woman

by Bob Hart
HERALD SUN, Tuesday January 11, 2000

Could this be the symbol of a new, optimistic and stylish Melbourne? Respected artist Anna Minardo thinks so. Her bronze figure, still untitled, is a striking young women, arms thrown wide, facing the element. "She is full of life and optimism and feels the way we should all feel about the new millennium, and about ourselves." ...
..."This version of the work is only 25 cm. tall", said Anna Minardo. "The finished bronze could be life size, or even three times life size..."It should stand high in a Melbourne square, Federation Square would be ideal.."The spirit of the work is very much the spirit of Australia, and of Victoria in particular... "Melbourne does not have an obvious symbol in the way that Paris has the Eiffel Tower or New York has the Statue of Liberty..."She may be just what we need. I think she would help to make us all feel optimistic and proud"...